Hi Ok this blog is going to be about BULLING!. Personally i really hate bulling .I have been bullied ever since i have started 2 grade. I hated school because of that, sometimes i`ll think about cutting myself because i did not wanted to go to  school the next day.Do you know how terrifying that is and the worse part is that it happened at home TOO! Getting bulled is like getting hit with a branch. Unsuspected they just start to break the branch as in  getting  ready to make your life horrible. When the branch is broke you notice that you are getting bullied.Then out of now where they smack you. You notice that all your friends  are not talking to you anymore and ignoring cause there afraid if they are still your friend they will end up getting bullied.There is all kind of bulling Gossip,Cyber-bulling,fighting,ect.But this is the  song that i want you to li sten to i love thisong. so this is what i want you to remember that there i s people everywhere who gets bullied every single day and everyone is a bully you might not know it but you once bullied someone so remember this :).